Revolutionize your availability with your Virtual Replenishment Manager

A single platform to help you stay on top of your shelf game by transforming the last footsteps of the supply chain—from truck to shelf.

Built by retailers…
for retailers

Our Virtual Replenishment Manager is built by retailers, for retailers. The flexible, intuitive and easy-to-execute cloud-based solution helps retailers deliver on-shelf availability—efficiently and consistently—every time.

$ 400

Out-of-stocks cause $634 billion in lost global sales each year
IHL Group

Deliver uninterrupted on-shelf Availability

Combine sales data with advanced data analytics to identify and resolve potential issues—quickly and efficiently. Provide proactive alerts to store teams to fulfil demand, eliminate multi-handling and ensure one-touch productivity.

10 %

72% of people believe that gamification inspires them to work harder to deliver success

Enhance customer experiences

Predict and take advantage of consumer trends—in-store and online—and never go out of stock where it counts. Understand demand patterns and gain a competitive advantage by ensuring customers can find what they want, when they need it—driving shopper loyalty.  


At least one-third of shoppers impacted by poor on-shelf availability abandon their purchase or defect to another store—some shoppers never come back.

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90% of employees are more productive when they use gamification.

Increase engagement with gamification

Monitor team and in-store execution with near-live time performance insights. And ensure store teams stay focused and engaged on the tasks at hand—through gamification.

Stay on top of your ‘shelf’ game



  • Ensure your store teams are focused on the tasks at hand
  • Encourage store team engagement by analyzing best performers
  • Save time by optimizing your store processes
  • Increase your profitability by becoming more data-driven

Companies that are more data-driven are 5% more productive and 6% more profitable.



  • Drive consistent execution—giving you confidence in your operation
  • Deliver a consistent customer experience—across different times of the day and between stores
  • Get real time performance reporting insights
  • Monitor the execution of store team members—in-store or across your retail estate

One in every 13 products a customer looks for is out of stock