The Solution - Dynamic Store Merchandising (DSM Suite)

ImpulseLogic offers two DSM Suite products: QIQ and SLIQ.
What QIQ (QuantitativeIQ) delivers
  • True predictive analytics that identifies impending problems through continues inventory performance tracking
  • Provides management and personnel with the snapshot of the current performance of the stores' return-on-inventory
  • Alerts management on the potential problems before they impact stores' return-on-inventory performance
  • Suggests corrective action to avoid or minimize negative impact on the inventory
  • Provides the optimal forecasting for the store along with the existing store-based ordering
  • No specific knowledge of the store structure
What SLIQ (StoreLogIQ) delivers
  • Fully organized back-of-store warehouse management capability replenishing front-of-store inventory in response to sell-through demand
  • Accurate back, and front, store inventory counts beyond the simplistic, and always inaccurate, "balance on hand" currently provided by central ERP
  • Continuous tracking of front-of-store sales velocity; enabling generation of dynamic, multi-product, picklists to eliminate in-day gap checking and repetitive back-of-store replenishment visits
  • Automated detection and correction of inventory count errors as part of the front-of-store pick and replenishment tasks; thereby eliminating need for periodic cycle counting
  • Guaranteed product availability in front-of-store so long as product exists in back-of-store inventory; products only qualifying as "on sale" when available in front-of-store
  • Elimination of imbalances between sell-through demand versus available in-store inventory through to the next DC replenishment; thereby enabling accurate, store derived, demand forecasting and maximizing return-on-inventory across all products
  • Automated store-based ordering from DC/supplier; transitioning to a demand chain process from current supply chain
  • Recovery of current perishables' losses through the combination of DC/supplier deliveries aligned with stores' demand and enabling sales of products "near sell-by-date expiry" through early detection and application of automated, intelligent, markdowns minimizing retail margin loss
  • Store structure is part of the tool configuration

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