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The Impulselogic team is comprised of the combination of consultants with long-standing retail knowledge and software development personnel able to build and deliver some of the most advanced retail capabilities in the food/grocery sector. The team's skills have particular emphases in those areas of supply chain, and the need to transition to demand chain technologies supported by improved supply, and in-store logistics applying those bet practice processes essential to effective operations and maximized return-on-inventory. Whether it be extensions to QIQ and/or SLIQ or how best to organize an in-store warehouse, Impulselogic has the skills to deliver for your organization. If you are a CFO seeking improved EPS outcomes, or a retail operations executive seeking improved return-on-inventory across the entire estate, then please consider investing 30 minutes of your time for a no obligation discussion where we will show you how it is possible to lift current operating profit by >1.5% of total product sales, and how this can be proven in your organization in <120 days without requiring changes to existing systems. Just click on the contact link below and let us have your questions and some suggested dates/times for a 30-minute discussion.

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