Solving retail's immediate problems
Impulse - A sudden desire, urge, or inclination
Logic - The formal processes used in thinking and reasoning

What's in a name? Whether in-store, or on-line, retail shoppers still make point-of-purchase decisions on impulse and then apply reasoning in justification of the buying decision. Hence our name and the motivation for our unique approach to unlocking profit from within the current inventory investments.

How is this realized? By eliminating the ever-present imbalances between actual inventory demand and in-store availability. These demand/supply imbalances create "inventory risks", which contribute margin losses as high as 6% of total store sales. These losses can be reversed, and the store is the weapon for doing so. Our focus is giving the stores the tools for eliminating these inventory risk imbalances.

While we address all retail sectors, a primary focus is on food and grocery, as it faces unique challenges in today's market. Change now requires immediate response, but existing processes simply cannot do "immediate". We will show you how changes can be immediate; applied in weeks and months; not years.

Our objective is to take your existing information assets and within 120 days prove the ability to reverse margin losses to achieve operating profit lifts >1% of total store sales; usually resulting in a >25% lift in operating profit and a corresponding reduction in estate-wide inventory-carry.

Give us 30 minutes to explain our approach to unlocking profit by reversing value leakage, and make your judgement on whether the financial outcomes warrant the investment in 120 days of our skills.

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