How DSM Suite delivers?

DSM Suite provides our customers with two products: QIQ and SLIQ. QIQ can serve as a stand-alone analytical tool or as a starting point for store performance optimization without the need to change existing in-store processes. QIQ guides the stores' management towards the need for process change, while exposing, and improving, current return-on-inventory performance. For the QIQ to run successfully there is no need to know the exact structure of a store, in fact, QIQ treats a store as a "black box" without the need to expose the internal structure.

SLIQ, however, offers the full capabilities of the DSM suite, and value leakage from inventory losses eliminated. Being the inventory precision tool, only SLIQ is managing back of the store and front of the store structure within its configuration. But as it's done using automatic tool the configuration process imposes minimal time and/or effort.

  • QuantitativeIQ (QIQ) pronounced "quick" - a "true" predictive analytics tool that can be either used as an interim step ahead of any SLIQ upgrade or as the final store solution. In the case of QIQ, "predictive" does mean the early detection of "impending" inventory risk events that have the potential to erode return-on-inventory performance. These analytics are continuously tracking inventory performance, alerting management to impending problems, the scale of the problem should it be left unaddressed, and exactly what corrective action is required to, at best, avoid, or, at worst, minimize, the impact of the inventory risk event. QIQ provides the stores' management and personnel, along with central executive oversight views, with intelligence on the current performance of the stores' return-on-inventory, along with corrective alerts and guidance; including real-time exposure of front-of-store out-of-stock events and their impacts on sales and margin erosion. QIQ provides the optimal demand forecasting for the store, along with store-based ordering; thereby enabling the transition from supply chain dependencies to demand chain control.
  • StoreLogIQ (SLIQ) pronounced "slick" - optimizing store logistics around in-store inventory management assuring front-of-store availability so long as the product inventory exists in back-of-store, where QIQ can only detect the occurrence of a front-of-store OOS event and assure its correction, while always including the demand for the shelf OOS product in the demand forecasting calculation, even though it is not evident in POS transactions during the time it is OOS on shelf. SLIQ enables use of an array of retailer preferred mobile devices, including existing scanners, to uniformly apply best practice tasks execution to all in-store processes engaged in the movement of inventory. SLIQ embodies all the analytics capabilities of QIQ, while adding the ability to trigger tasks initiations in response to in-day inventory demand events; whether receipts from DC/supplier into back-of-store or direct to front-of-store, assured front-of-store availability through scheduled and dynamic replenishments from back-of-store to front-of-store, in-store production, and doing so while maximizing margin retention and reducing inventory carry. With SLIQ, store processes are optimized so personnel are utilized to maximum effectiveness with all inventory movement tasks conforming to organizational best practices.

Whether QIQ or SLIQ, no changes are required to the existing IT systems; both exploit the existing information assets to create a parallel source of inventory management "truth", while delivering the most accurate demand forecasting and store-based ordering available; finally enabling the transition from supply to demand chain execution.

The concepts of "actionable insights" are too often maligned when applied to analytics that translate yesterday's results into the planning for tomorrow. These are neither accurate, nor true actionable insights. The DSM Suite products of QIQ and SLIQ do deliver actionable insights into what is "impending" and what is needed to avoid the negative outcomes exposed.

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